What You Can Expect from Atlanta Hospices at Home

What does the care you get from an Atlanta hospice look like? A lot of people seeking hospice care for a loved one are eager to get a better understanding of just what they can expect from Atlanta hospices that care for a loved one in their home. There is a great deal of confusion about the term hospice care, so let’s unpack that first and then move on to what you can anticipate when working with one of the top Atlanta hospices.

Hospice Care is Multi-Dimensional

It can be difficult to imagine handing over some of the care for a severely ill family member to what amounts to a “stranger” or team of strangers. However, you should know that the best hospice care providers always insist on a primary caregiver remaining entirely in control.

As an example, the best Atlanta hospices use a hospice team approach. That means that you will see doctors, nurses, and therapists, but also social workers, home health aides, and even religious leaders as part of the team. They look at you, or the chosen primary caregiver, as the “point” person.

In other words, they are there to provide care, but never to take control of the home or the situation. The team is always going to look to you for the answers and guidance needed. Though they will act confidently and gently with your loved one receiving care, they are also equally gentle and supportive of you.

That is why hospice care can be described as physical care, but also emotional, spiritual, and psychological care.

What You Get from Atlanta Hospices

When you choose a premium Atlanta hospice provider, upon referral by your loved one’s doctor, you will sit down with the team and discuss your needs. It is all built around, ensuring that your loved one is as comfortable and happy as possible during the remaining time in their life.

That is why you can expect:

  • Social workers to visit and offer a plan of care that focuses on emotional, psychosocial, and spiritual needs
  • Rigorously planned visits that guarantee daily care is kept to the highest standards
  • All medications will be delivered, and you will not have to run to a pharmacy to be sure your loved one has no pain or troublesome symptoms
  • Medical equipment is also secured, delivered and maintained by the hospice team
  • The hospice team is going to have regular meetings or exchanges of information about the status of your loved one and will be available around the clock to offer answers and care

Notice that you don’t have to hand over total control of the home and that you are still the dominant player in the decision-making process. If your loved one is well enough to play a role in how their hospice care works, they are also eagerly consulted. Input and communication are crucial when arranging for hospice care, and the very best Atlanta hospices can offer all that is needed at the most difficult times imaginable.